“I wanted a job in police forensics, but ended up getting rich by dressing as Spider-Man for OnlyFans.”


Morgan Doyne grew up a science lover and studied forensics and chemistry at university.

She aspired to be a police forensic scientist, and she worked as a waitress in order to make ends meet.

Fast forward two more years, and she now has a five-bedroom luxury home and a red Mustang.

But the money didn’t come from police work, it came from selling raunchy snaps from her bedroom instead.

She joined racy subscription site OnlyFans after being furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic – and went on to earn up to £40,000 a month.

Morgan Doyne
Morgan poses outside her new home with her red Mustang

After quitting uni, she now dresses up as famous movie characters to increase her rapidly accumulating fortune.

She spoke exclusively to Silver Screen Beat and said: “I started doing cosplay a few months ago because I didn’t really have a niche and fans really love it.

“I got asked to dress up as Spider-Man the other day and to pour milk over myself. I was really shocked because I started a cosplay TikTok account in February and I have nearly 500,000 followers on it now.

“I’ve always been quite creative and I’ve really enjoyed it. I get asked to do so many different outfits and I post them on OnlyFans.

“People’s favourites are Harley Quinn, Velma from Scooby Doo and Spider-Man.”

The 25-year-old, from Barnsley, Yorks, added: “OnlyFans has been life-changing for me.

Morgan Doyne
On Instagram, she now has 83,000 followers

Morgan Doyne
She would be open to returning to university someday.

“I can live comfortably now compared to how I used to live. I would just like to live by my means because you don’t know how long this will last.”

Morgan regrets not having earned a university degree, but she said that she might return to it one day.

And despite making £300,000 in her first three months on OnlyFans and buying a home worth a half a million, she said she grafts harder than outsiders imagine.

She said: “I don’t really have a day off. You’ve got to be on it 24/7 and it’s much harder than people think.

“I mainly promote myself on TikTok and I have set days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, where I spend eight hours making TikTok videos.

“I do cosplays, dress up and switch outfits. I have another day for accounts, finances, and another for my actual page or Instagram content.

Morgan Doyne
One fan asked her to be Spider-Man for cash and dress up as she did.

Morgan Doyne
She wants to be able to pay off her mortgage in the next year

“And while doing all that I have to reply to messages and keep engagement up.”

She continued: “The one thing I miss about waitressing is not being on my phone 24/7 and not being able to put it down and have a day off.

“But I am happy with how everything is going at the moment. This life is a lot better.”

Morgan claimed that she has the full support from her family in leaving uni to join OnlyFans. Her next goal is to pay off her mortgage.

She said that those who ridicule her choices in life are wrong. “It is more older people who don’t understand it and I used to get a lot of trolling but I don’t tend to read the comments now.

“For younger people being on OnlyFans is just normal.”

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