‘I was celibate for decade after divorce – then found man who loves erotic humiliation’


A woman who was celibate for ten years after a divorce went on to embrace a polyamorous lifestyle – and she even found a husband who was into being humiliated.

Crystal Welch, aged 59, maintains a blog that discusses non-monogamy.

She lives the lifestyle together with her husband who, she claims, loves to be dominated during sex.

However, the interviewees were asked about their opinions on Consenting Adults podcast, the US-based businesswoman explained that she hadn’t always been sexually promiscuous.

“I was raised in a very traditional conservative family on a farm, I never thought of any other idea than to just get married with a white picket fence and have kids and be married until you’re dead,”She started.

“But what I found after a number of years – we were married for a total of 15 years – we just ended up living separate lives…

A man with a blindfold and leash, and a woman in lingerie
Crystal Welch claimed she was celibate 10 years before she adopted the polyamorous lifestyle.

“I felt like I had all the restrictions and obligations of traditional monogamous marriage and none of the benefits.”

So, after her divorce, Crystal recalled that she threw herself into her business work, admitting that she didn’t go on a single date, or have sex in the space of ten years.

Crystal felt it was high time to find a partner after such a long dry spell.

She explained: “I didn’t want to get married again, I never thought I would marry again, because I thought marriage was synonymous with monogamy.

“So I staked a claim for what I wanted right then… A couple of lines were all that I posted on Craigslist many years ago. ‘I’m a busy professional, I’d like to have an occasional companion, and the right kind of man for me would be a cuckold male’.”

A group of people cuddling
Crystal maintains a blog about her polyamorous life

Cuckolding refers to a sexual fantasy in which a man gets sexual pleasure from sleeping with another man.

Crystal said that she discovered this kink while she was a single woman and had participated in femdom activities.

One man eventually responded to her ad, and the swinger said that she had enjoyed the unique dynamic with her new partner.

“We dated and we were hot for each other, and were together as much as we could be in the beginning, and then as we could find acceptable lovers, we started having occasional threesomes,”She went on.

“The partners that we typically like to engage with are open and really communicative about their wishes and their boundaries.

A woman in lingerie and a man on a sofa
Crystal said that her husband is into erotic humiliation

“One of the things that trips my husband’s trigger is her is very much into erotic humiliation.”

This fetish involves the person being controlled or demeaning by their partner. Crystal confessed that she initially found the dynamic confusing, but quickly realized that her husband enjoyed taking the submissive role.

“It wasn’t about trying to make him feel bad. What erotic humiliation really is, is it is a way to re-write sexual shame,”She added.

“It just lights my husband up, he just loves it. After we have some kind of scene like that he feels like he’s been on a month-long vacation, that’s exactly what it does for him.”

Crystal, who now embraces the polyamorous lifestyle said she and her husband are looking for a steady partner to help them with their sexual activities.

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