Ibiza temperatures to increase as Brits prepare for Sunny Spring


According to the Met Office, parts of the UK will enjoy temperatures around 18C over the next few days.

The UK is expected to experience a meteoric rise in temperatures, with some parts of the country being hotter than Ibiza.

Expect warm weather to continue until March 28th as the UK enters Spring with warmer than usual temperatures.

According to forecasters, the UK will be hit by a blast of warm North African air this weekend. This should bring temperatures up to 18C.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services has stated that the UK can expect dry and blue skies this weekend. Temperatures are expected to hover between 17-18C and possibly even reach 20C.

According to the forecaster, the UK will experience a strong winter. “a lot of pleasant weather coming now”.

According to forecasters, the heat is caused by a blast of warm weather

Clare Nasir is a Met Office meteorologist. “Generally the weekend is looking fine and dry, much warmer with some sunshine.

“High pressure reaching Denmark will allow for settled conditions right across the UK. But, some stronger winds are certain on Saturday.”

Forecasters have also issued that it expects London and the country’s South-East to remain around 14C or 15C as the dry, sunny weather continues.

Expect temperatures to reach 18C

This means that some parts of the country are more warm than Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia in Spain.

They also have match thermometers in Ibiza where 16C is predicted this weekend.

WX ChartsReports indicate that the average temperature for Brits will be 10C, which will allow them to transition into Spring-like temperatures once the Winter chill has passed.

Although temperatures can be expected to be mild in April it is more often associated with rain.

The 20th of March is the first day that spring begins

According to meteorologist Jim Dale, this year, Brits may experience Spring temperatures as hot as 28C – temperatures typically reserved for the middle of Summer.

The Met Office’s long range forecast for Tuesday through Thursday is: “There is likely to be variable cloud cover, most extensive in the south with the chance of some patchy light rain.”

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