Iconic ‘Halloween’ Villain Michael Myers Spotted on Florida Beach


With the passing of Labor Day weekend comes the closing of the summer, and for some, the immediate start of spooky season. Such was clearly the case for one beachgoer who took to the beach in Panama City, Florida, dressed as iconic “Halloween” antagonist Michael Myers.

Todd Easter and several friends were staying near the water while on vacation from Birmingham, Alabama, when Easter stepped out onto the patio and spotted the man in the sand.

“It was early in the morning, probably about 8:30 a.m. or so, there wasn’t that many people out on the beach,” Easter said, laughing that he at first thought he was seeing things. “Since we had been out the night before, I thought, am I still… there is no way.”

But Easter’s eyes did not deceive him.

Photos he captured showed the masked man minding his own business on the beach, strolling about, and approaching only those who wanted to interact with the legendary “Halloween” villain.

“He definitely wasn’t trying to be a menace. He was not intrusive to anybody’s space, nothing like that,” Easter said. “He would wave to people who said hi. I got my pictures when people who were up on the balconies started shouting, ‘Michael!’ and he was looking.” 

Easter said he saw the man on the beach for about 30 minutes and knew that he must have been staying at his same complex, but never again saw a person wearing the Michael Myers costume.

Easter mentioned it to his friends after they woke up.

“The three other guys I was with, they were all asleep. Well, they all work for a haunted house… One guy has a Michael Myers tattoo. They’re all mad at me now saying I should’ve woken them up,” Easter said with a laugh. 

Though not nearly as passionate about the Halloween holiday as his friends who help run the Warehouse 31 haunted house in Pelham, Easter was still glad to have spotted the unique beach bum while enjoying the morning sun. 

“I don’t know why he had all that going on,” he said. “But I thought it was funny. I thought it was hysterical.”


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