Idaho Woman Earns More Than $74K to Support Elderly DoorDash Delivery Drivers Who Work 2 Jobs


Anabelle Stephens was moved to share the footage on social media after her doorbell camera caught an elderly man struggling while he made a DoorDash Delivery. What she didn’t expect was the outpouring of support that followed.

The 21-year old felt so sorry for the man who had to work, that she offered him a $30 tip on a $21 purchase.

“Honestly, it made me super sad. I knew if that were my grandpa, I wouldn’t want to see him working,”Stephens stated.

This was just the beginning. Then, she Launched a GoFundMeFor the man, Kerry Judd (71 years old) Idaho. In addition to making food deliveries, he’s also a security guard.

The GoFundMeHe has raised more than $74,000 since then.

“It started very, very slow, but then once the word got out it, it just skyrocketed,”Stephens stated.

Judd and Stephens had dinner recently. Judd thanked Stephens.

This heartwarming story is similar in spirit to an older Navy veteran trying to deliver a Walmart delivery in Utah. A stroke had just occurred, and he also needed a new roof. The homeowner set up a fundraiser in the community to help him. He was able fix the roof and then retire.

Judd says that he is also seeing the positive impact of American generosity on his life.