If You’re Missing Betty White, Check Out Her Updated Instagram


Millions around the world mourned the loss of Betty White last month, just days before her 100th birthday. However, the actress’ presence can still be felt, from touching tributes from co-stars to White’s own Instagram page. 

White’s Instagram account posts regularly, with old pictures and fond memories of the star. On January 18, White’s assistant, Kiersten Mikelas, updated fans about White’s social media. “Betty’s estate has graciously offered me the opportunity to manage Betty’s social media accounts moving forward,” she wrote in a lengthy post. 

“I am so grateful, and look forward to posting fun and meaningful memories,” Mikelas continued. “I also hope Betty’s social media will become a place to promote the things that mattered to her most…animals, the environment, being kind, all that she embodied.”

Among some of the posts Mikelas has shared so far is a photo of her and White that Mikelas is “sure is the last photo taken of her.” The picture shows the two sitting on a couch together, surrounded by Christmas decor. 

“I don’t have many pictures with her, because I never felt like I wanted to impose since she was always asked to take photos with people wherever she went,” Mikelas remembered. “But I asked on 12/20/21 and I’m so glad I did. A wonderful memory of a happy, fun-filled day!”

Photos of Parties and Friends

The pictures Mikelas has shared include shots from some of White’s past birthday parties, like a Scrabble-themed 96th bash, and photos of the actress with animals. “Betty was never happier than when she had her hands on an animal,” Mikelas captioned a picture of White holding a possum. 

She has also posted photos of White hanging out with friends, like actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. “The heart pendant that Betty always wore was a gift from the beautiful (inside and out) Jennifer Love Hewitt,” Mikelas captioned a shot of the pair. 

Friend Tom Sullivan: ‘We Are Right To Recognize Her As A National Treasure’

Mikelas isn’t the only one who is keeping White’s memory alive on social media. White’s longtime friend Tom Sullivan posted his own tribute to the actress on her Instagram account. He credited White and her late husband, Allen Ludden, for helping him start his career as a musician and actor. 

“We are right to recognize her as a national treasure,” Sullivan wrote. “With her list of honors gathered over an eight decade career, her resume of life is certainly complete. For the Sullivan family however, her impact is so profoundly intimate that I am not sure the hole in our hearts can ever be repaired.”

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