Illinois Police Officer performs CPR on Baby who has stopped breathing in Dramatic Rescue


An Illinois police officer saved the life of a 10-month old baby boy who had stopped breathing. This dramatic rescue was captured on the officer’s body camera.

As Nathan Jimenez was rushed to the hospital by his family, officers with the Posen Police Department met them along the way and immediately began CPR. The sound of panicked parents and grandmother nearby can be heard. 

After a while, the little boy was able to start breathing again. He started to cry.

Paramedics placed the boy on a stretcher when they arrived at the scene. They also checked his vitals and found nothing abnormal.

“We went over to the family’s house two days ago when he got released from the hospital. He was with his mom, dad and grandma. He was happy as can be. He was smiling, alert, looking around,”Detective Corporal Matthew Leveille is the hero police officer who saved the boy’s life.

Nathan’s family says they suspect he had a seizure after falling and losing consciousness.

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