I’m A Celeb’s Naughty Boy unveils huge weight loss after miserable food in castle


Music producer Naughty Boy became the fourth star to leave I’m A Celebrity on Wednesday night and appeared on Lorraine as he spoke about his experience in Gwrych Castle

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Lorraine: Naughty Boy talks about his mum watching him in the jungle

Naughty Boy has revealed that he lost 1st 5lbs after just two weeks and three days in Gwrych Castle on I’m A Celebrity.

The 40-year-old music producer became the fourth star to leave the show on Wednesday night.

At the beginning of the ITV show, he landed himself in the Clink and was forced to eat only rice and beans for days.

Addressing his rows with campmates on Lorraine today, he described his experience as a “teething process”.

“I was just getting used to it,” he said. “It’s the first time in months I’ve been kept away from my mum.”

He also said that he believed that the experience in the Clink had “shaped [them] differently”.

Throughout his experience, Naughty Boy constantly warned that he was going to leave the castle as he was missing his mum, who suffers from dementia.

However, the producer said that his relatives told him that his mum watched him on TV every night.

“When she saw me on tv she tried talking to me because she thought it was a FaceTime,” she said.

Naughty Boy also spoke about how much weight he had lost, saying: “Lorraine – breaking news! In there I was 94kg and then I got weighed yesterday – I am 84.9kg now!”

“Wow, so that’s quite a lot,” Lorraine gushed. “No wonder your trousers were falling down!”

“Oh they still are,” he quipped.

She continued: “Naughty Boy, you are a joy. It’s so good to see you and I can’t wait in the studio and I can’t wait to meet your mum as well. Just give her a big cuddle, I know how much you missed her.”

*Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV