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Today saw rescuers searching through rubble at the site of China Eastern Flight 5735’s mysteriously lost flight from the sky. This mountainside is home to 132 people.

The charred belongings of the China Eastern plane have been captured in devastating photographs. It fell from the heavensThere was still no sign that any survivors were present Monday.

Today, rescuers searched the rubble on the mountainside in China where China Eastern Flight 5735, which mysteriously disappeared from the sky, carried 132 people, and found dozens of them.

The flight had taken off from Kunming, and was on its way to Guangzhou. It was traveling at 30,000 feet when it began to nosedive.

Terrifying footage captured the plane’s free-fall toward the ground and the subsequent fiery crash.

An “all out rescue effort”President Xi Jinping ordered the evacuation of all victims in the wake of the disaster. Local firefighters warned that it did not expect any survivors.

Nearly 1,000 people have joined search teams that explore the countryside.

Identity cards, bank cards and wallets were among the items located near the crash site in the southern region of Guangxi, China’s state media said.

A Boeing 737-880, which crashed close to Wuzhou, was also found scattered across the mountainside.

According to New York Post reports Search teams used their hands, picks and sniffer dogs to find survivors on both the mountain and the mountain that the plane crashed into.

“As of now, the rescue has yet to find survivors,”Zhu Tao was the director of the Office of Aviation Safety at China Civil Aviation Authority. He spoke at a press conference.

Local media and authorities have not revealed whether any human remains were discovered amongst the wreckage.

According to Zhu, efforts were now focused on finding the plane’s black box, which holds the flight data and cockpit voice recorders as officials try to establish the cause of the crash.

During rapid descent, the aircraft didn’t respond to multiple calls by air controllers.

“The jet was seriously damaged during the crash, and investigations will face a very high level of difficulty,” Zhu said.

“We still do not have a clear assessment of the cause for the crash.”

Rescue officials revealed that Flight 5735 was destroyed upon impact.

The rescuers are continuing their search. Today, relatives of the passengers gathered at Kunming airport and Guangzhou airports to wait for information about their loved ones.

Experts have offered suggestions on what caused the Boeing 747-800 to be withdrawn from the skies.

Arthur Rowe is a Cranfield University specialist fellow in propulsion engineering and gas turbine performance. MailOnline : “It looks most likely a loss of control event, possibly following a high altitude stall of the aircraft.

“As usual there are multiple possible causes. Jammed or unresponsive control surfaces, especially on the tail are one.

“It’s unlikely to be engine related as aircraft can fly perfectly well with no engine power – for a limited time obviously.”

Professor Bharath Ganapathisubramani of Southampton University’s engineering-physical sciences department stated that he believes it to be. “too early”It is important to tell what happened.

Boeing last year revealed that 13% of all fatal commercial accidents between 2011-2020 occurred in the cruise phase. 28% happened on final approach, and 26% occurred on landing.

Li Xiaojin, a Chinese aviation expert, added: “Usually the plane is on auto-pilot during cruise stage. So it’s very difficult to imagine what happened.

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