In 1 LA Neighborhood, Mystery Boulders were found to be used to deter homeless people.


Los Angeles park entrance blocked by boulders. Residents seem to be able to identify the reason for heavy boulders blocking the entrance to a Los Angeles park.

This was once a place where homeless people set up encampments. But, a 2021 municipal code made this illegal. “sit, lie or sleep in or upon any street, sidewalk or other public way.”

“Literally one night overnight, they were gone, and these boulders were here,” LA resident Christy Campos said. “So I have no idea who did it or where it came from.”

Neighbors complained about unhoused campers. A private citizen may have put the boulders out to deter them. KCBS reports  

Jay Yoon, who lives in the neighborhood, said he’s planted cacti and other spiked plants to keep people from sleeping in his front garden.

Christy Campos is one of the residents who has mixed feelings about the boulders. 

“I feel distraught because I don’t know what happened to these people if they’re better off or worse off,”She said. “If they got the resources that they might need.”

The city officials have not yet revealed what, if any, will happen with these mysterious boulders.