In a flea-ridden, urine-soaked council home, a woman is “struggling to breath”.


Sarah Keenan and her partner, a disabled person, say that the property at Tencreek is unsafe for people because she has not been able to access it. “struggles to breathe”Due to urine and a stench from sweat, the inside of the home

A woman tells how she feels “struggling to breathe”Due to the smell of her flea-ridden property in council, which she claims is unsafe for human living.

Sarah Keenan, her partner with a disability, claim that the Tencreek property in Looe is not suitable for anyone to live in.

She reported that flea bites, a bed stained with bodily fluid, and a foul stench were some of the problems faced by the couple. CornwallLive.

It’s so terrible that they sleep on a couch on the lounge floor.

Sarah said: “It really is awful. The property is flea-ridden, the settee is broken in half, the toilet is disgusting, the bed is black with body fluid and the stench is foul. The bed is horrible and stained with urine and sweat.”

She said that the conditions are having a bad impact on her partner’s mental health.

“My partner is disabled and suffers with his mental health really badly. This is just making it worse. He’s also severely epileptic and this is making his fits even worse,” Sarah continued.

“Nobody can seem to help and despite calling the council loads of times I’m just not getting anywhere. I’m struggling to breathe here.

“It is so bad here my daughter came to stay but has since gone back with my mother in law as she just can’t stay here.”

Sarah claims that she was forced to move into temporary accommodation because her landlord, a privately rented property, had sold. Before moving to Tencreek, she lived in Bude-sheltered accommodation.

Tencreek staff reportedly used a ‘flea bomb’ in one of the rooms, but Sarah says it hasn’t done anything to help.

She continued: “I don’t know how long we’re here for but so far nothing at all has been done to help and we can’t go on living like this.”

Cornwall Council has been reached out for comment.