In a ‘hidden’ community without pubs, where teens become psychotic over weed.


Mixenden, West Yorkshire residents haven’t had a pub in years and need community facilities. The village is hidden in a valley at the county’s edge.

A “hidden” UK village has “gone to waste”It was robbed of all its pubs and was made to pay for by drug-fuelled gang members.

Mixenden is located three miles north of Halifax, West Yorkshire. It was home to three local nightclubs and a boozer.

Residents are often frustrated at the lack of amenities in their communities. One resident described it as “the worst thing about living here”. “gang culture”The teens are seen smoking cannabis. “makes them psychotic”.

Martin, a shop worker, has lived in the village for 10 years and says that crime and antisocial behavior are becoming major problems. Yorkshire Live.

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“It’s a funny thing, when I first came here you would not think it was here because it is hidden in a valley,”He elaborated.

According to the 59-year old, night spots are not an issue for him.

“I am not a pub man. The fact is, nowadays, going out to the pub a lot of people don’t feel safe.

“There are many criminal activities and all you have to do is look a little bit drunk and they will be on you at the cash machine taking your money.

Martin states that crime is a problem in Halifax town centre as well as Mixenden.

Hilary, an 80-year-old Mixenden resident, is originally from Huddersfield and has lived in the village for 26 years.

“I won’t tell you what I think of it,”She said.

“What do they do?” They drink and they smoke drugs. Nobody bothers me, I don’t drink or smoke.

“I moved here in 1996 and there was a pub around here but they all gave up. The place has gone to waste.”

Mixenden would be a great community pub, say other locals.

Lisa, 52 years old and originally from Bradford, stated: “I just think a pub with Sunday dinners would be a meeting place, a central point.

“It’s hard to believe, based on the people I know, that it is possible [a pub]It would drive you insane. This estate is home to many kind people – and they are well policened. They (police officers) are always available here.”

This comes as work on Mixenden hub – GP surgery and pharmacy, library, community garden and library – is finally expected to begin in December after delays.

Calderdale Council describes Mixenden Road’s proposed hub as a “place to be”. “where people can look after their health, learn, relax, and socialise.”

Lisa believes that people can be brought together by finding a place where they can meet new people.

“When I moved here I didn’t know anybody – and a pub would have been a starting point. The only other place is the bus stop and corner shop.

“Eyebrows were raised when i said that I was moving here. I have lived here for three years now and I don’t plan on moving. It is a wonderful place to live and it feels very safe.”

An elderly man waited at the bus stop near the flats to tell the driver that Mixenden was not without its ups and downs. The last pub had closed years ago.

Another resident stated that it was evident to all that the village does not have adequate facilities.

“There’s nothing at all in Mixenden. There’s nowt for teenagers, there’s nowt for anybody. The teenagers hang around all day outside the shop. I don’t think they cause a nuisance but there’s nowt for them to do.

“It’s like a gang culture. They use marijuana to make them crazy.

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