In birthday photos, Princess Charlotte beams with joy


The latest photos of Princess Charlotte, celebrating her seventh birthday, show off her radiant smile.

The Kensington Royal Twitter account shared adorable photos of the young royal celebrating her birthday today (May 2).

Charlotte is a perfect representation of Kate Middleton’s mother in a beautiful photograph taken the same year.

The Duchess was the one who took the picture of her daughter, sitting happily in a field filled with spring blooms in Norfolk during the bank holiday weekend. Daily Mirror reports.

Charlotte appears to have even colour coordinated her jumper and bluebells around.

Princess Charlotte celebrates her seventh birthday today (May 2)
Today, Princess Charlotte celebrates her 7th birthday (May 2nd).

Her parents claim that they are. “delighted”We are happy to share these three photos with you before the little princess turns seven.

In one of the photos, Princess Charlotte wraps her arm around Orla, the family’s cocker spaniel.

William and Kate’s middle child, Kate, is sporting long locks that hang loosely around her shoulders. She’s also wearing a fine cable knit sweater in blue which matches the colour and flowers.

The casual knitwear look is completed with a white collar and dark dots.

Princess Charlotte has her arm around the family cocker spaniel, Orla, in one of the pictures
In one of the photos, Princess Charlotte wraps her arm around Orla, the family’s cocker spaniel.

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In the picture featuring Orla – who has a black shiny coat – the dog is looking to its right while Charlotte grins towards the camera, holding flowers in her left hand.

Charlotte is seen in one of the pictures cross-legged while she is in the final photo with her arms wrapped around her knees.

Kate is an avid amateur photographer. In 2017, she was awarded a lifetime honorary membership to the Royal Photographic Society, which recognized her. “talent and enthusiasm”.

She often releases images of her kids to mark important events, like birthdays.

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