In Colombia’s Caribbean Sea, a shark kills an Italian tourist.


A 56-year-old Italian tourist vacationing in Colombia died after being bit by a shark in what locals describe as a popular snorkeling area in the Caribbean Sea, local media reported.

The man, identified as Antonio Roseto Degli Abruzzi, had been swimming near the coast of Colombia’s San Andres Island on Friday when the attack occurred, Colombia press said, CBS News reported.

This is the area Abruzzi used to swim in is called “La Piscinita the Natural Pool,”It is located approximately 235 miles from the Nicaraguan coast on the southwest side. This area is famous for its crystal clear waters and excellent snorkeling. According to the San Andres Island of Colombia Website.

Archipelago Press identifies the shark that killed Abruzzi as a Tiger Shark. 

Friday was posted by the Archipelago Press TwitterA video showing the Tiger Shark they claim to be responsible.

“These two ocelot sharks are the two sharks that this afternoon attacked a foreign tourist in the La Piscinita sector, causing his death. In the last two weeks, sharks have appeared in shallow waters north and south of San Andrés,”They wrote. 



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