In horror testing laboratory where monkeys and puppies are forced to eat chemicals


Undercover footage shows test animals being forced to consume drugs inside a lab.

Humane Society International, an animal rights organization, spent seven months investigating Inotiv Inc’s testing laboratory in Mount Vernon (Indiana), USA.

More than 70 toxicology studies were commissioned by 12 pharmaceutical companies with over 6,000 animals, including monkeys and beagle pups.

The bodyworn footage shows workers placing a feeding tube into a puppy’s throat and giving it drugs, before releasing it back to their kennel.

The poor dog shakes and whimpers before falling to the ground.

Beagle puppies were locked up in kennels before workers pulled them out for an individual drug test
Before workers took out individual drug tests, beagle puppies were held in kennels.

The following statement was taken from the investigation report: “The investigator witnessed dogs continuing to be given doses of substances even when they were vomiting, shaking and had high fevers and laboured breathing.”

Another part of the video shows the grim side to drug testing on monkeys.

The workers pushed the liquid down their throats while the macaques are kept in separate cages with their hands and feet tied.

Workers at the lab tied the monkeys in boxes and restrained their head so they could feed them drugs
The lab workers tied the monkeys to boxes and restrained their heads so that they could give them drugs.

The monkeys are in pain, and you can hear one worker saying it to another: “I’m so sorry, lady, maybe this will be your final dose.

“It is torture at this point, and I kinda hope it is.

According to the investigator, at least two monkeys were accidentally killed by the restraint chair during the investigation that took place between August 2021 and February 2022.

The investigation showed at least two monkeys hang themselves while being restrained
The investigation revealed that at least two monkeys had been caught and hanged while being restrained.

After the tests are over, the animals will be killed and then cut open to check for any toxic effects.

Inotiv Inc is being urged by the Humane Society to release the beagles and place them up for adoption immediately, as they fear that 82 of their animals will be put to death.

Kitty Block is the CEO and President of the Humane Society of the United States. She stated that the disturbing findings at the facility can’t be ignored.

Humane Society International spent seven months investigating the handling of animals in the testing lab
Humane Society International spent seven long months studying the treatment of animals in the test lab.

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“We are calling for the release of beagles we know are suffering in the lab today and soon to be euthanized, but that is just the start of our work.”

Inotiv claimed that research in the US is required to create lifesaving medicines.

They stated in a statement that they are pursuing their mission to “… “help our clients realise the full potential of their scientific and medical research”.