In Latest Instagram Snap The Voice Coach Gwen Stefani Looks Unrecognizable


Gwen Stefani Although she has been known for being a California girl since childhood, her latest makeover seems like a California girl to many of her fans. Stefani was given a unique but familiar look thanks to Ariel Tejada (reigning makeup artist). These are some of the many comparisons. Keeping up with The Kardashians star Khloe Kardashian Soon, the results began to roll in.

Gwen Stefani’s Surprising Look-A-Like Moment

Former The Voice Gwen Stefani, coach, stunned her fans by reposting a photo of a makeover she had with Ariel Tejada (better known as Ariel).

She’d’ been on the receiving end of Ariel’s iconic contouring skills, and the results were eye-popping. The eye-catching photo of Stefani was first posted to Ariel’s Instagram account before Stefani reposted the image.

Stefani had a strong contrast with her platinum blonde hair and a golden tan. Even the “Cool” singer’s eyebrows looked utterly transformed. Stefani looked completely different from herself, thanks to the cherry red lipstick that she wore.

Stefani Gets a New Glam Look

Stefani wrote in the caption: “ummmmmm… got to glam w some serious talent today u guys @makeupbyariel @jesushair sitting in the glam chair never gets old, specially when surrounded by people w passion and obsession for what they do!”

Ariel’s worked closely with the Kardashian family, particularly Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who own makeup lines. Maybe that’s why fans couldn’t’ help but notice the similarity between Stefani and one member of the Kardashian family specifically.

Fans Respond

Someone commented pretty much immediately. “Almost looks like Khloe Kardashian.” ” Another replied, “I was scrolling too, quickly, and for a, second I thought this was a Kardashian with blonde hair.” One fan, who didn’t take a moment to read Stefani’s caption, wrote, “What happened to your face? Is this a major filter?”

One person simply commenting was our favorite response. “Gwen Kardashian. Or should it be “Kwen Kardashian?” ” There is a “K” ” After all, it’s a theme to follow.

Since Stefani added the hashtags #differentkindofme and #temporarynewface, we think it’s’ safe to assume that Stefani won’t’ be doing this level of glam every day. It’s’ nice to see the pop star switch up her styles every once in a while. Take a look at The pic can be viewed here. It’s’ almost like looking into an alternate timeline where there’s a sixth Kardashian/Jenner sister.

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