In Season Finale, ‘House of the Dragon’ Confirms Dragon Identity


The Dance of the Dragons officially begins as the civil war against the Iron Throne starts on HBO House of the Dragon. It took place close to 200 years before the events that led to Game of Thrones, House of the DragonThis film was set in a time when dragons ruled over the sky. House of the DragonThe Season 1 finale of’s’s season 1 was Sunday. Fans were introduced to a mysterious new Dragon, and now they have a name.

The episode “The Black Queen,”The following moments of King Viserys’ passing and the aftermath of Aegon II being crowned as king by the Greens, he continued to record them. Dragonstone received word about the betrayal and plans began to form for a war. Daemon Targaryen, a man without a torch or a song in High Valyrian, entered the Dragonmount caverns alone. In the scene, Daemon was approached by a massive dragon – one of the rider-less dragons dwelling on Dragonstone that, if tamed, could help the Blacks have a bigger advantage against the Greens – that had bronze scales and scars on its face. The identity of the dragon was not known at first and it was left open to speculation by fans. House of the DragonRyan Condal, showrunner, confirmed that Vermithor was the mysterious dragon.

“That is one of the unclaimed dragons that lives in the Dragonmon,”Condal confirms Variety. “Vermithor, the bronze fury. King Jaehaerys’ dragon, the king that we saw in the opening of the first episode, the king that passes on his succession to Viserys.”

Vermithor, also known as the Bronze Fury is one of the Seven Kingdoms’ oldest and largest dragons. George R.R. says that Vermithor was hatched in traditional House Targaryen fashion, with his egg placed in the same cradle as Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen. Martin’s book Fire & Blood. Vermithor is now almost 100 years of age. Vermithor is also one of the most powerful dragons currently in existence. Martin’s Book notes that Vermithor grew fast, and only Vhagar (the dragon now ridden on by Aegon Targaryen) was larger. Vermithor was left without a rider after Jaehaerys, the king who sat on the Iron Throne at the beginning of House of the Dragon, passed away.

It remains to be seen if the Blacks can tame Vermithor. This would turn the tides in their favor. House of the DragonIt has already been renewed by HBO Max for a second season. However, it will probably be a while before Season 2 premieres. HBO Max has the complete first season available for streaming.

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