In the hope of seeing Queen during Jubilee, royal fans crowd The Mall and camp in tents


The Jubilee was celebrated by royal superfans who arrived with tents and deckchairs as well as plenty of champagne. Donna Werner (70), a Connecticut woman, booked her tickets immediately after the palace officials set the date

The celebrations have already begun for Platinum Jubilee revellers who are determined thank the Queen for 70 years of her service.

As final preparations for the weekend began, spirits were high at The Mall.

Dedicated royal watchers began arriving as early as Monday to secure the best spot to watch Thursday’s Trooping the Colour parade, with some travelling from as far as the US to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

Royal superfans arrived in tents, deckchairs, and plenty of champagne to celebrate.

Donna Werner (70), a Connecticut woman, booked her tickets immediately after the palace officials set the date.

Mary-Jane Willows (68), a friend from Penzance, Cornwall arrived Tuesday. They plan to stay with them until Sunday.

Donna said: “I have followed the royal family since I was a young girl. The first event I followed was Princess Anne’s wedding to Mark Philips and I fell in love with Britain and the monarchy.

“I love the grand palaces and the gardens and everything involved with Britain.

“I wanted to show my respect to the Queen and everything she’s done for the past 70 years.”

Mary-Jane added: “This is the most important royal event there has been in our lifetime. She has given us 70 years – we can give her the weekend.”

John Loughrey, aged 67, of Streatham, was first to arrive at The Mall.

The Mirror reported that he said: “I want to tell the Queen: You are the crown jewels and we thank you ma’am.”

Joseph Afrane (58), a security guard from Battersea, was dressed in Union Jack attire and celebrated with other royal watchers.

“The Queen is a beacon to this country as well as the Commonwealth,”He stated.

“It’s going to be fantastic and I am so excited. It’s a historic weekend.”

The Keen Cyclists are known as the ‘Bike Angels of Basildon’The Mall was closed on Wednesday as I cycled down it singing God Save the queen.

Clare Weitzel, 55, said: “There is already a fabulous atmosphere. We did go down The Mall in formation singing God Save the Queen. When we came through Admiralty Arch I got goosebumps straight away.”

Carole Oakley, 62; and Judith Shaw 62. “The Queen has done so much for this country. We want to show her what we all think of her.”

Sandra Brabbs, 48 and Jo Elworthy, 55, traveled from Yeovil (Spain) to camp with Lesley Warren, 50, of Sittingbourne, Kent and Munever Halil 59, both from Catford in south east London. The pair have been closely following royal events for more than 30 years.

Sandra shared this with the Mirror: “I just think I had to do it because we are never going to get another chance to do this again.

“I think that this is the last time we will publically see the Queen like this and after this weekend she will step back.

“The atmosphere is just electric. It’s so exciting to be a part of it.”

Fiona Chappell (55), and Sammi Day (33) also bought champagne and ponchos to set up camp at The Mall for their first time.

Basingstoke couple said they wanted to visit to show their gratitude for the Queen.

Fiona said: “I have never done this before but we just felt it was really important to do it this time.

“Really to say thank you to the Queen because she does an amazing job.

“I am not a massive royal fan but I love the Queen. I think her dedication and service to this country is amazing.

“She’s the only person we can always count on to represent us.”