In the latest Road Rage Incident, Woman Sees Shooting at Car with 2-Year-Old Boys Inside


Road rage incidents have been increasing across the country. One recent incident in Texas is one the most extreme.

After Ortiz pulled out a gun, allegedly shooting at a car twice with a 2-year old boy in the backseat, Nazly Ortiz (40) and Benjamin Greene (34), they are being called “Bonnie and Clyde”.   

Houston’s terrifying confrontation was captured on video. The local police quickly arrested both men. Ortiz was charged for aggravated attack, while Greene was charged for assault.

It was the deadliest year ever recorded, with 500 road rage victims killed or injured in 2021.

Portland police have reported that Dennis Anderson, 45, was shot to death by a rage-filled gunman riding in a black BMW. Inside Edition was able to speak to his passenger, but she declined to identify herself. 

“They pulled up parallel to us and just started shooting with two hands. They had the gun in two hands and there was a lot of bullets. I was still in my seatbelt in the passenger side. I couldn’t get out. I was trying to dial 911 and I kept dialing 119,” 

Astoundingly, the victim’s use of a windshield washer is believed to trigger the road rage murder, after some of the spray apparently landed on the car behind him. According to police, the incident was trivial enough to drive the driver insane and make him want to kill. 

“I don’t know how you can sleep knowing that you did something like this,” the victim’s partner said. 

Los Angeles: An angry driver hurled bear spray at another driver after an incident at a stop light. 

AAA’s Robert Sinclair says the upsurge in road rage is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re all on edge as a result of being cooped up for the past two years because of COVID. And when we take that attitude out on the road, we engage in bad driving behavior,” Sinclair said. 

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