In viral footage, teenage girl breaks down after being “stranded” by a bus driver.


Eleanor Hockney, a school friend, had gone out on Bonfire Night and attempted to get home by bus. She walked to Beverley, East Yorkshire bus station but was denied entry to the vehicle.

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Yorkshire: Teenage girl refuses to be allowed on the last bus home by driver

A viral video shows a teenager refusing permission to board a bus. This has caused her to break her silence.

The 16 year old expressed anger at being left stranded because of a bus company’s “health and safety” policy.

Eleanor Hockney was out with her school friends on Bonfire Night and had tried to catch the last bus home.

Before her Sunday 9:30pm bus left, she walked to Beverley, East Yorkshire.

The driver refused to allow her aboard and cited safety and health concerns, which was captured in a video.

Eleanor told the MailOnline“I stepped in front of the bus. It wasn’t moving.

“I was stood in front of the bus, pleading for him to open the doors. He just kept shaking his his head and beeping his horn at me.

“It was scary. I stood for a while in front of the bus before the lady from the police came over to ask what was up.”

The driver would not let her board the bus because workers aren’t allowed to open the doors once the bus has reversed out the bay.

After pleading with the driver to allow her on the bus the video shows the teenager tearfully pleading to be allowed on board.

In the video, a police officer also speaks to the driver and tells him: “She could have gotten on the bus, but I don’t think there is anything around you.”

The driver replied to the woman: “My job is the same as yours: to follow directions.

“I’m sorry. Sorry.”

Eleanor was taken home by the officer who came to her rescue and spoke to the driver about ‘jobsworth.

Eleanor replied to the unkind comments made on social media: “It kind of upset me that the driver did not really seem to care. He was just being stubborn. He did not show any compassion.

‘”It was very distressing and scary. I felt completely helpless and didn’t know what I was going do.

Eleanor would have been forced to walk six miles back home on dark country roads if she hadn’t been taken home by a police officer.

She recorded the events on her phone, and her dad and mum complained to bus company but got no reply.

A spokesperson East Yorkshire BusesSafety for women at night is crucial.

The bus company apologized for the inconvenience and expressed gratitude to the police for helping her get home safely.

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