Indian Brothers with Talent are Creating a Buzz About Their Elaborate Designs That They Can Make Customers Smile


The Taj Mahal, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse — It seems there’s nothing this duo of brothers, Rajwinder Singh Sidhu and Gurwinder Singh Sidhu, can’t carve into a head. 

Their talents have garnered them local and internet fame in northern India. They love to portray anything from Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, international sports stars, and favourites like King Kong on peoples’ scalps.

After a thorough clean, they first shave the head of the customer. They then use a razor and a scissors to cut the hair. Then they use a pencil to add the details.

Although it looks almost like a tattoo the final result is not permanent and will fade in a few days.

It can take four hours to design a complex motif. Simpler designs can be completed in one hour and cost $20-30.

When their father died, the brothers decided to start their own barbershop. They also became truck drivers.

They decided to try something new and use their passion for drawing.

After spending the entire day at the shop giving haircuts, the brothers would offer their services for free to all their neighborhood buddies for a chance to hone their hair art skills.

There is a buzz about them now.

People come to them to get their hair designs done, usually for special social occasions. Now, the brothers are hoping to share their skills around the world.

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