Indiana Bride Gets Heart Transplant and Married on the Same Day


All brides hope for a memorable day, but one woman getting married in Indiana may have had the most memorable day of all when she both underwent a heart transplant and had her wedding all in the same day.

Kimberly Blosser, 21, has Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), an inherited disease that causes the heart muscle to thicken.

She’s been living with it since she was 12. At 18, Kim was told she needed a heart transplant and it would take a few years to find a match.

Four days before her wedding, the Cleveland Clinic called with the news that they had a match for her. So, she and her fiancé, Tony Woods, who had already been waiting until Oct. 10, 2021 to marry, decided bumped up their wedding.  


They married in a small ceremony in front of a few family members and friends who were available at the last minute. Kim wore a simple dress, while Tony donned khakis and a short sleeve button down skirt. 


After marrying, the husband and wife headed to the hospital for the big surgery. 


Though it wasn’t the honeymoon the couple had envisioned, it was the best next stop for the couple. 

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