Indiana Man Arrest after Driving 90 MPH in Car with Infant


Police say that an Indiana man was stopped for driving 90 MPH while impaired and had a child on board.

Coleman Sheridan (28 years old) was stopped by an Indiana State Police Trooper on Sept. 17 after he had been clocked at more than 90 mph. According to police. 

Police said Sheridan showed signs of impairment and failed sobriety tests performed on scene and had a blood alcohol content of 0.9%.

Police say that they found open beer cans still containing alcohol in Sheridan’s car. They also found two passengers: his girlfriend and their 1-year old daughter. 

Police say Sheridan is being held in Vanderburgh County Jail without bond on four charges: two level-six felonies and one level-five crime. Sheridan also faces one class B misdemeanor.

Sheridan is being charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction, operating a vehicle while intoxicated-endangerment, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a passenger less than 18 years of age, and reckless driving. 

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