Industry gossip claims Anderson Cooper is being pushed out by new CNN Boss


Anderson CooperCNN’s face is now, but for how long? There are rumors that he will be forced to leave the network. Does he really drink too much and have a grudge with his boss? It’s hard to imagine the network willfully firing its most well-known anchor. Let’s review some stories and see if there’s anything to them.

Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon: Drinking on the Job

According to the National Enquirer, bosses at CNN were not happy with how Cooper and Don Lemon behaved on New Year’s Eve. The nation saw the anchors get sloppy. According to a source, “The network cannot afford to have its marquee talent look bad on the air.”Another tipter stated, “Both Don and Anderson have been warned to clean up their acts or face the consequences!”

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The appeal of CNN’s New Year’s Eve show is getting to see folks like Lemon and Cooper cut loose on the air. This story was nothing but a series of interviews with people like Lemon and Cooper doing exactly their jobs.

A New Boss Does It Out

Per the InquireChris Licht, the new CNN CEO, isn’t a fan either of Cooper or Lemon. Licht did not want to be their friend. An insider explains, “Chris doesn’t want to be friends with them. He wants to be their boss—and they’re used to being treated like stars, not staff!”

Yup, you read that right: supposedly Lemon and Cooper were bitterly complaining because their boss didn’t text them enough. CNN is not a fraternity, but a professional organization. This story’s very premise was preposterous. There’s no sign that Licht and Cooper have any beef whatsoever. Cooper worked alongside his wife for several years so it is possible that they are already friends.

Cooper on the Chopping Block

Again, InquireCooper claimed that he was in crisis. The scandal-ridden CNN was looking to cut its losses because morale had fallen so hard. Licht decided to stop writing op-eds for straight reporting. Cooper, who was a celebrity, was made extinct. A source said, “Anderson Cooper is a privileged white, middle-aged man who’s not going to find work at super-woke MSNBC, either.

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It’s true that CNN ratings are tanking under Licht, but cutting its most famous anchor would be rather counterproductive. Even more weak was the reasoning to be more awake. If Licht wanted to clear house, Cooper would probably be the final person he’d want to fire because he would undeniably be an asset to his next employer. The InquireHe simply doesn’t know anything about the inner workings CNN or Cooper.

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