Industry Gossip Says Chris Rock Supposedly Snubbing Will Smith’s Attempts To Apologize


Is it? Will SmithTrying desperately to make a living. Chris Rock‘s forgiveness? According to a recent report, the I Am Legend star is desperately trying to get in contact with the comedian. Here’The latest gossip regarding the Oscars slap.

Will Smith ‘Begs Forgiveness’Chris Rock?

Per the Globe, Chris Rock is dodging Will Smith’s calls. According to the article, Smith desperately wants to make things right, but Rock isn’t ready to hear it. “Will has been making groveling apologies and using mutual friends to try to get through to Chris,”One source for all dishes “He wants to arrange a private meeting to discuss this thing man to man. But he’s getting nowhere. Chris doesn’t want to get together.”

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Smith, according to sources, is trying desperately to avoid a costly divorce from Jada pinkett, despite his failed attempts at reconciliation. “His world has been turned upside down,”The tipster is a shrew. “His life’s a mess and he’s convinced that making up with Chris could turn everything around. But so far Chris isn’t biting and is openly trashing Will to their mutual friends.”

Will Smith Groveling to Chris Rock?

This is an obvious attempt to keep the drama at Slapgate alive. Contrary to what the magazine tells its readers, the matter has been settled. Chris Rock demanded that Will Smith issue a public apology shortly after Will Smith did. It is unlikely that the actor ever reached out to him personally..

Both camps seem content to move on from the whole ordeal, and reconciliation doesn’t seem to be the goal for anyone at the moment. But that’s because Smith doesn’t really You are required Rock should accept his apology for a career that is successful. Smith still has several projects lined up, despite the scrutiny.

And finally, we just aren’t falling for anything the tabloid is selling. No, we don’t believe the rag has spies hiding in these A-listers’ circles, and no, the magazine isn’t providing any exclusive insight into the event. This publication is a bottom feeder trying to survive on the crumbs of drama from the months-old incident.

The Tabloid On Will Smith

We knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into with this. Globe. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Smith was furious about his wife’s relationship with another actress. Then the tabloid claimed Smith wasn’t able to afford a divorce from Jada Pinkett. Recenty, the tabloid did a 360 and claimed that Pinkett and Smith were indeed proceeding with their $400 million divorce. Since none of the magazine’s predictions about the Smith family has ever come true, we’re confident this latest tale won’t either.

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