Industry Rumor Says Will Smith Supposedly Thinks He Deserves Comeback After Oscars Slap


Is Will Smith planning a Hollywood comeback? One tabloid claims the King Richard star believes he’s done his penance for the now-infamous Oscars slap, and he is ready to re-enter the acting world. Here’s what we know.

Will Smith ‘Plotting His Return’?

The latest edition of Star reports Will Smith isn’t done with Hollywood. Smith made waves at the 2022 Academy Awards for all the wrong reasons, and his future in the industry has been uncertain. But sources say the actor is ready to dive back in head first by bankrolling a sequel to one of his most beloved films, I Am Legend.

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“Will’s got the money, and he believes if anything can restore his damaged reputation, this film will,” an insider dishes. “Therapy has helped Will understand why he reacted that way. He thinks if he shows how apologetic he is, Hollywood will forgive him. Bottom line, audiences want to be entertained and he’s here for that.”

Will Smith Funding ‘I Am Legend’ Sequel?

There’s one thing that this tabloid is right about: Will Smith doesn’t need Hollywood to open its arms to him. He now has the money to fund whatever project he pleases. And, if time has shown us anything, people are still going to go see whatever he makes. They can ban him from the Oscars, but they can’t ban him from the industry. So, with this in mind, it would be less of a “comeback” and more of an “I’m not going anywhere” kind of statement. And, according to the actor’s IMDb page, he hasn’t had trouble lining up work for himself.

But we’re definitely side-eyeing this story after finding out that a sequel to I Am Legend was announced months ago, even before the now-infamous Oscars slap. There haven’t been any announcements about delays, and, as far as we know, the movie is still in the works. Deadline even announced that Michael B. Jordan had been attached to both produce and star in the film alongside Will Smith. So, yes, this movie is most likely happening. But, no, it isn’t a result of Smith’s actions at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

The Tabloids On Will Smith

The tabloids have always been fascinated with Will Smith, but the Oscars slap has turned that into an outright obsession. A recent edition of Us Weekly reported that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage was in “crisis mode.” Then OK! claimed Will and his wife were at odds because of her oversharing. And most recently, the National Enquirer alleged Will was furious with Jada’s supposedly excessive spending. Clearly, none of these tabloids are really in touch with the Smith family.

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