Influencer flaunts bum in seconds apart snaps to show how models hide cellulite


All too often, Instagram can be full of ‘perfectly’ preened models and influencers that appear to be flaw free.

Sometimes people see this as a ‘body goal’ to strive towards – but in reality that same influencer can look very different from their images.

And according to body positive influencer Georgie Clarke, that can be thanks to lighting and posing.

The brunette babe often posts uplifting and self-love orientated content to her 696,000 followers, where she has previously shown the reality of menstruation belly bloat.

This time around, Georgie has stripped down to her thong to show that her peachy behind can look completely different within seconds.

Covering her top half, the influencer donned a red hoodie whilst she flaunted her bum in both side by side snaps.

In the right hand photo, Georgie can be seen highly posed in a soft lighting which made her bum appear rounded and her skin smooth.

woman showing off bum in thong
The influencer flaunted her booty to show how different lighting and posing can change the appearance of her behind

But, on the left side, the influencer’s bum looked totally different as she relaxed and moved into a bright light which revealed her stretch marks and cellulite.

She captioned the post: “The same BUM different lighting!

“These photos are taken seconds apart from each other, the only difference is that one is ready for the camera and one isn’t.

“It’s easy to have that negative self-talk come in when you see a picture of yourself from behind that you weren’t ready for.

“But I’m here to tell you that that’s just what bums look when they aren’t posed.”

Georgie then described what she was doing in each picture that made her bum look so different within “seconds.”

“On the right: I’m leaning forward, I’ve found soft lighting and I’m arching my back whilst on my tip and tensing.

“On the left: I’m relaxed.

brunette woman smiling
Georgie is often praised by her thousands of followers for being a breathe of fresh air on Instagram

“Even though on Instagram you see the right picture a lot, it’s a posed image with soft lighting which isn’t realistic or true to what my body actually looks like when I’m unposed.

“And to put it bluntly – that’s not properly standing normally at all who stands like that in real life? / we can’t always find “soft” lighting in everyday life – I mean how unrealistic is that!

“So don’t be fooled by the ‘fitspo’ bum pictures, it’s very easy for influencers to cleverly pose a bum shot like this.”

The body positive star urged: “And please don’t let it affect your self worth – nobody who is unposed looks like the picture on the right. It’s not humanly possible to walk around whilst posed like that?!”

In awe at Georgie’s post, many fans fled to the comments to thank the influencer for showing the ‘real’ side of social media.

One person commented: “Needed this reminder today, social media is so fooling sometimes!”

Another user added: “Thank you… needed to be reminded of this today!!!”

Whilst a third person praised: “So glad you do these. Makes me feel much better.”

Someone else expressed: “Wow. Love your transparency inside and out.”

Meanwhile, a fifth fan shared: “Thanx for sharing reality. U make me feeling much better in my body. This unrealistic beauty-standards on insta makes so many girls sick. It is so important to see someone like u on insta. Thank you so much.”

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