Influencer pretends to propose to boyfriend as a joke – and he quickly legs it


An influencer left her followers in stitches after filming herself getting down on one knee to propose to her boyfriend.

More women are proposing to their boyfriends than ever and it looked like travel expert Chelsea @cheapholidayexp was about to join the trend.

In the clip, filmed in the romantic location of a beach, she grins conspiratorially at the camera before running over to her boyfriend, James, next to the sea railings.

She then drops to her knee and pulls out a square velvet box – then looks shocked when James jumps over the railing and runs away.

Chelsea, whose channel is all about how to get cheap holiday deals, then continues to follow James around town and repeats the prank a few times.

Chelsea picked a perfect spot for the grand gesture
Chelsea picked a perfect spot for the grand gesture

He looks a bit embarrassed, although in one shot he might be holding back laughter.

The influencer wrote on Instagram: “Thought I’d take our relationship to the next level this Valentine’s day.”

She then revealed the prank was actually a paid advert for Sky and, instead of an engagement ring, she was trying to give James a mobile SIM card.

Her fans still thought it was hilarious and some even admitted they had been duped by the video.

Influencer pretends to propose to her boyfriend as a joke – and he quickly legs it
James runs away and Chelsea looks surprised

One user said: “I’ve followed you both for years and there was still part of me that was like (shocked emoji) she’s proposing to him! Then I read the caption.”

A second joked: “You two are so funny. Huge congrats on the big commitment.”

“Hahahahaha did not expect that,” wrote a third.

Someone else said: “Yes! Getting paid to take the pee out of James is epic!”

“Absolutely Oscar-winning “phew” from James there,” another viewer commented.

This comes after research found most women were not seeking marriage but a fifth knew a female friend who had proposed to a man.