Influencer reveals the truth behind Instagram’s’stylish foot shots’ with a bizarre trick


One influencer exposed how it really is. “curated” Instagram is – by showing a little-known trick people use to get stylish foot snaps.

Danae Mercer posted a tutorial video that shows the hack. She has over 2.4 Million followers on Instagram.

The trick is demonstrated to her fans by her putting on one studded shoe and raising her foot against the wall in order to take a good shot.

“I’m only wearing a shoe on one foot, that way I can balance but try not to fall,”She said this while she was adjusting the phone to a “flattering foot angle”.

Danae Mercer tried to expose the fakery on Instagram when it came to 'good foot pictures'
Danae Mercer exposed the fakery in Instagram’s “good foot photos”

“Also pick the one with the most healthy-looking toes,”She continued.

After selecting her favorite picture, she opens a photo editing app and selects a background filter. Then she makes light and subtle adjustments to the photo.

She acknowledges it is a strange thing to do this in public, but she explains: “What’s the point?”

Rather than taking the picture from above, she lifted her leg up against a wall for a 'flattering angle'
She opted to take the picture from above and placed her leg against a wall in order to get a more flattering angle.

“The internet is curated. Behind the scenes are hilarious and you are so gosh darn worthy.

“From your head to your toes.”

Viewers were stunned when they found out about the trick.

“I get your point, and this is a kind of genius.” one said and a second wrote: “The internet is a complete lie!

She did admit that the pose looked a bit strange in public
However, she did admit that the pose looked strange to her in public

Some people couldn’t resist asking Danae about her editing app name and one fan laughed: “Everyone asking the name of the editing app is completely missing the point!”

The fourth: “Just another mind-blowing moment for me not realising people even did this.”

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