Influencer shares snap of her pill as she opens up about mental health struggles


Body positive influencer Georgie Clarke has taken to Instagram to reveal her struggles with mental health.

Usually, the stunning brunette posts unedited snaps of herself embracing her cellulite and natural body.

Despite her confidence on social media, Georgie has opened up about her experiences with anxiety and OCD in hopes to encourage her 714,000 followers to also seek help if need be.

The UK based influencer has revealed that she has finally started to take medication to combat her difficulties and hopes that her honesty helps break stigma towards mental health medication.

Along with a single white pill in the palm of her hand and a packet of antidepressant Sertraline on the side, Georgie explained in the post: “I’ve struggled with anxiety and OCD for a while now, however the last year has been incredibly challenging for me.”

pill in palm of hand
Georgie posted a snap of her antidepressant

“And I have felt very low at times and in the last 6 months… very depressed.

“Lots of things have been going on behind the scenes and I’ve really worked hard in therapy and also started EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy) to try and tackles some of the things I’m dealing with.”

Despite seeking therapy for her mental health, Georgie still felt like she was “struggling”.

She added: “However, a year into it I have still been struggling with my mental health.

“I considered antidepressants back in the summer however I did feel such a stigma attached to them which is why I’m grateful for the #postyourpill movement started by Dr Alex George.”

woman on beach
The influencer stuns in a bikini snap

Georgie’s pill post comes after a social media campaign started by Love Island star and UK Mental health ambassador, Dr Alex George.

The A&E doctor has urged Instagram users to post their pill in order to try and break the stigma of mental health medication.

Contributing to the movement, Georgie continued to speak about her experience with mental health.

She added: “Seeing so many people talk about their medication for mental health has really encourage me to finally do the right thing get on some antidepressants that will help not only depression but the OCD and anxiety I’ve struggled with for years.

“This hashtag has really given me the push I needed to speak to my GP and finally get some medication for it and take control.”

woman smiling at dinner
Georgie is hoping the medication will help her

She concluded: “I’m hoping me being honest about my journey and decision to take control will help others too whether they’ve already been on medication or like me have been afraid of judgement to. So today is day 1.”

Thankful for Georgie’s honesty, many people fled to the comments to thank the influencer for being so open.

One person commented: “Thank you for sharing this angel.”

Another user praised: “You are amazing and well done for giving yourself support.”

While a third person related: “I suffer with OCD/anxiety and those tablets saved me! Nothing to be ashamed of.”

Someone else added: “Well done for this Georgie, you’re incredible and this is seriously helpful.”

As a fifth user remarked: “I love how real and vulnerable you are, how you maintain your kindness and truth.”

For emotional support, you can call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123, email, visit a Samaritans branch in person or go to the Samaritans website.

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