Inside Edition follows Catch of the Day from Sea to Table


What is the fastest time it takes for fish to get from the sea to your plate

Inside Edition followed Atlantic Haddock as it moved through the cleaning and preparation stages, finally arriving at a restaurant, where it was ready to be served to hungry guests.

The day began at 6 AM in Boston Harbor. The crew aboard the America unloaded the haddock caught from the Gulf of Maine in a process overseen by Captain Tory Bramante. 

“We put them down in the fish hold, all cleaned and washed, and we put a layer of ice, a layer of fish,” Bramante said. 

Chef Matt King, Chief Culinary Officer at Legal Sea Foods was present to inspect the catch on this particular morning. The East Coast fish chain’s slogan is “If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal!”

“We’re looking for a fish here that’s got really clear eyes, super bright red gills, so it’s really fresh,”King spoke.

The fish is then put back on ice and taken to North Coast Seafood where they are inspected and processed.

The fish that has been selected earlier and tagged is cleaned and carefully fileted. 

Less than seven hours from the boat, the fish makes it into the frying pan at the Legal Sea Foods kitchen in Boston.

After a quick inspection, Chef Patrick began preparing the catch of the morning, pan-seared in butter crumb crust. 

The result: the restaurant’s signature dish of baked haddock a la Anna. Delicious!

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