Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian reveals the RSV Battle for his infant son


After being inundated by RSV-related cases, hospitals all over the country are raising alarm.

A heartbreaking video of a 10-day old girl gasping for air shows the dangers associated with RSV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one to two of every 100 children less than six months of age are hospitalized for the disease.  

Amoxicillin is in short supply, making matters even worse.

Although it is not recommended for RSV treatment, it can be used to treat some symptoms.  

RSV affects mostly young children. In fact, Inside Edition correspondent Steven Fabian’s own 10-month-old son Allen has RSV right now. 

Steven and his wife Thea are doing everything they can to provide Steven with 24-hour care. They even provided nebulizer treatments. Allen’s twin sister Perry fortunately does not have RSV and is being kept in a separate bedroom in the hopes that it will help her from catching the virus.  

“The doctors basically told us to buckle up, they said this is going to last a long, long time; that cough’s going to be in there a while,”Steven stated that he also wheezes. 

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