Inside Friends’ guest cast – Janice’s real accent to little Ben’s co-star crush


Friends friend James Michael Tyler died of cancer in his 59th year. Tributes were paid.

The actor, Gunther (a coffee shop manager), was nicknamed the “seventh Friend”.

The sitcom featured Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, David Schwimmer playing Ross Geller, Matt Le Blanc playing Joey Tribbiani and Courteney Cox playing Monica Geller. Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe Buffay, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing.

They are still loved by fans today with continued success in Hollywood films and TV shows.

But what about the other stars who played small but loved characters on the show?

Silver Screen Beat investigates.

Maggie Wheeler – Janice

Image of Maggie Wheeler
Fans were shocked to discover Chandler’s foghorn-voiced girlfriend didn’t really speak like that

Fans were shocked to discover Chandler’s foghorn-voiced girlfriend didn’t really speak like that – and she later became a voice actor in animations including The Addams Family.

Popping up on this year’s reunion show, Wheeler has also appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Californication and hit comedy series How I Met Your Mother.

She is now 60 years old and has two children.

Eddie Cahill – Tag

Image of Eddie Cahill
Cahill is an avid New York Rangers hockey player and has found his voice in writing a blog about the NHL Celebrity.

Rachel’s young assistant and then boyfriend, Cahill went on to do CSI: NY, Law & Order and NCIS: New Orleans.

The 43-year-old has been married to Nikki Uberti, ex-wife fashion photographer Terry Richardson. They have one son, Henry.

Cahill has a lot of acting credits. Cahill is also a big New York Rangers hockey player. Cahill started a blog about the NHL Celebrity for three seasons.

Hank Azaria – David

Azaria was Phoebe’s scientist ex

Azaria was Phoebe’s scientist ex, who leaves her to do research in Minsk. He was most well-known for his role as the voice actor on The Simpsons before Friends.

He later apologised to Apu, an Indian character, for having played it earlier in the year after it was criticized for reinforcing racist stereotypes.

Azaria, 57 years old, has appeared in movies such as Run Fatboy Run, and Dodgeball. However, she was married to Helen Hunt, a Hollywood actress, but the couple split after one year.

Cole Sprouse – Ben Geller

Image of David Schwimmer and Cole Sprouse
Sprouse would be 25 years old. He split with Riverdale star Lili Reinhart last January.

The final Ben was played by various children actors. Alongside twin Dylan, he starred in Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody but is best known as Jughead Jones in Netflix hit Riverdale.

Ben Sprouse would now be 25. He split last year from Riverdale star Lili Reinhart.

He confessed in 2017 that he had a crush on Jennifer Aniston while he was on the show.

Katie – Marcel

Image of the Friend's cast with Marcel the monkey played by Katie
In 1995, David Schwimmer admitted he “hated”Katie is a great partner!

Ross’ monkey Marcel was actually played by a female capuchin called Katie.

She went on to appear in TV shows including 30 Rock and currently works as a mascot for Los Angeles’ baseball team, the LA Angels.

Katie is now in her 20s, and is just halfway through her potential career.

In 1995, David Schwimmer admitted he “hated”Katie.

Tom Selleck – Dr Richard Burke

Image of Tom Selleck with Courtney Cox
Selleck was Monica’s older boyfriend Richard

A star since he played Magnum P.I, Selleck was Monica’s older boyfriend Richard. He is now 76 and stars in Blue Bloods, an American cop drama. He has also starred in Boston Legal and Las Vegas.

The twice-married dad-of-two is also a spokesman for the National Rifle Association in the US and appeared on this year’s Friends reunion show.

Helen Baxendale – Emily

Image of David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale
Emily is married to David L Williams, director since 1993.

Brit Baxendale, 51, was in one of the most memorable Friends moments, when Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar rather than Emily’s.

She is already well-known for her Cold Feet performance. Recent roles include Noughts + Crosses, Cuckoo and Death in Paradise.

She is married to David L Williams, director since 1993. They have three children.

Christina Pickles, Elliot Gould Judy and Jack Geller

Image of Christina Pickles and Ellliot Gould with David Schwimmer and Courteney Cox
Elliot was once married to Barbra Steisand and has three children

Ross and Monica’s parents were well-known before Friends – Gould as the star of M A S*H and The Long Goodbye, Pickles for medical drama St Elsewhere.

Since then Gould, 83, has been in the Ocean’s Eleven series of films and TV shows including Ray Donovan CSI and Law & Order.

After being married to Barbra Steisand, he now has three children. Pickles, a Yorkshire-born actress, is now 86 and has appeared in How I Met Your Mother and The Wedding Singer. She has two children and was married twice.

Morgan Fairchild – Nora Bing

Image of Morgan Fairchild and Matthew Perry
Morgan is credited with 157 acting credits.

Chandler’s glam mum constantly left him red-faced with her antics. Fairchild was already a well-known actress, appearing in sitcoms and soaps like Dallas and Falcon Crest.

She has a remarkable 157 acting credits and has appeared in Two and a Half Men and several Christmas films.

The 71 year-old was once married and again divorced.

Jane Sibbett, Jessica Hecht – Carol & Susan

Image of Jane Sibbett and Jessice Hecht
Ross’ ex-wife Carol and her lover Susan became the first lesbian couple to get married on TV

Ross’ ex-wife Carol and her lover Susan became the first lesbian couple to get married on TV. Sibbett was an actor in TV and film, and was also a director of theatre in Hawaii.

The divorced mum-of-three, 58, also runs Jane’s Dancing Hands, a spiritual healing organisation.

Jessica Jones, 56, was a mother of two and a married mom. She went on to play Gretchen in Breaking Bad.

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