Inside Jacqueline Kennedy’s Unique Bond With Son John F. Kennedy Jr.


And so would begin Jackie Kennedy’s pressing fear for her family’s safety, eased not at all by the fact that President Kennedy famously carried with him the premonition that he would die young and had resigned himself to that fate. His favorite poem is Alan Seeger‘s “I Have a Rendezvous With Death.”

However, the 35th president was a caring father, and at least once the children were born, a much more attentive husband. Jackie and he did share separate bedrooms, which were connected by a walk in closet. But she was pregnant again by 1963. Patrick died on August 9, 1963 at the tender age of two days. He had arrived five weeks early, also with  underdeveloped lungs, like his big brother, but suffered from a more severe case of the breathing ailment that plagued John Jr.

Jackie spiraled into depression and spent four weeks cruising the Aegean Sea with her sister Lee Radziwill and Lee’s good friend, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle OnassisThe hosts of the sisters were a yacht captain named ‘James’, which is 325 feet long. Christina. Bobby Kennedy, his attorney general and the president were aware that Onassis’ business was the subject of U.S. criminal investigations.

Bittersweetly, when Jackie returned to the U.S., knowing she needed to be by her husband’s side as his reelection campaign kicked into gear, the Kennedys became closer than perhaps ever before in their 10 years of marriage.

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