Inside Madelyn Cline’s “Single Girl Moment”Chase Stokes Split


“Outer Banks” Stars Chase Stokes & Maddie Cline Explain Why It’s Binge-Worthy

Madelyn Cline is ready to have a good time, all the time, after her breakup with Outer Banksco-star Chase Stokes.

E! Exclusively told by a source E! is informed exclusively by a source that the ex-couple, who played the roles of Sarah Cameron and John B in the Netflix drama for teenagers, are now engaged. “have been done for a while”And that Madelyn is moving forward from the split. According to an insider, the actress is 23 years old. “has been over it for a long time and talking to other people casually.”

According to the source, Madelyn was with Chase for more than a year before they split up. “just kind of living her single girl moment.”

It seems that Maddie’s next chapter involves a lot more traveling. In September, she jetted off to Italy for Milan Fashion Week, where she attended to a Salvatore Ferragamo runway show with 13 Reasons WhyActor Ross ButlerAnd many other friends.