Inside Prince Charles’ Unromantic Proposal to Princess Diana


The love story of two lovers Prince CharlesAnd Princess Diana seemed like a fairy tale romance (until it didn’t). The couple’s famous and glamorous wedding impressed people all over the world, but the rest of their courtship didn’t match the romance of the ceremony. 

Why Charles’ Proposal Made Diana Laugh

Although Charles and Diana appear to be inseparable they actually only saw each other 13 times before Charles proposed. They were also often accompanied by family and friends when they were together. 

The proposal, while romantic at the wedding, was not. Evidently, Diana “burst into laughter” after Charles proposed. The proposal was made by Charles, who was 32 years old at the time. 

Charles informed Diana that he had been to the castle on that day. “missed her so much”Before leading her to the nursery. According to Ingrid SewardEditor of Majesty MagazineCharles picked that location. “because the nursery is like a home.”

The occasion might’ve been serious, but according to Seward, Diana “burst out laughing.”She continued: “I think that was probably just her nerves. She didn’t think it was the most romantic of proposals, but she had the proposal.”

Family Pressure was Behind the Engagement

Diana also told the story of Charles’ proposal over the years, but she never included the alleged laughter. She spoke in one interview, “[Charles] said ‘Do you realize that one day you’ll be queen?’ And I said, ‘I love you so much, I love you so much.’ He said, ‘Whatever love means.’ He said it then. So, I thought that was great. I thought he meant it.”

Christopher Wilson, a royal biographer said that Diana didn’t expect a proposal from the prince at all. He stated that the proposal was not romantic. It came from duty and not love. 

The entire world was eager for Charles to marry, making the United Kingdom their future monarch. He was also under pressure from his family to marry, which was evident in his actions shortly after he proposed. 

“Prince Charles didn’t pick her up in his arms and embrace or do any of the things we might do when we propose marriage to the one that we love,”Wilson stated. “He rang his mum, simply to say, ‘There, I’ve done it now. You’ve asked me to get married to somebody, and I’ve fixed it.’ What he’d done was, he’d finally found a wife.”

While the love story between Charles and Diana appeared perfect at the time of their marriage, it became clear that the relationship was not what it seemed. As we can see from this story, the couple’s problems started almost from the moment the prince proposed.

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