Inside Roman Abramovich’s £270m flying mansion private jet


Roman Abramovich, a sanctioned Chelsea owner, is well-known for spending millions on luxurious properties, yachts and private jets.

The Russian oligarch, who is reportedly worth around £6.4billion, is perhaps best known for extending his wild spending to football since taking ownership of the Blues back in 2003. In the last two decades, he has frequently spent big on top-name players in his quest to make Chelsea one of the most successful clubs around the globe.

His most remarkable signing was the Boeing 787, which he added to his private aircraft fleet in December 2013.

Abramovich, who was the third person to own the private version of the 767-300ER, traded his 767-308ER for the new 787-8 in the last quarter of 2021. Two of the two remaining models are owned by the Mexican government, and one charter company.

After selling his private 767, nicknamed “Old Man”, he bought the new plane immediately. ‘The Bandit’. Forbes Russia claims his new aircraft cost $350million (£269million), including $100million (£77million) for a luxury cabin and other features.

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The private jet can seat 50 passengers with couch seating, a kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms
Private jets can carry 50 passengers and include couch seating, a kitchenette, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a bathroom.

The aircraft was originally meant to go to PrivatAir in Switzerland, but the airline declared bankruptcy. It was built in 2015. After four years of storage, the aircraft was finally moved to Basel Airport to be fitted with a new cabin.

And it eventually landed in Abramovich’s hands. The Russian now has a lavish flying home that can accommodate 50 guests, 10 security staff, and 10 staffers, covering an area of 224 metres.

The stunning jet set the Russian back £270million
The stunning jet set the Russian back £270million

Because the 787 is private, we don’t have access to the interior. Passengers can expect comfy couch seating and a fully equipped kitchen. The aircraft will likely have an onboard defense system.

The jet Bandit that he used to fly was on sale for $100 million. It had three guestrooms and a reading, dining, and living room. There were also two guest bathrooms.