Inside The Passionate, But Brief Fling between Kim Basinger and Prince


Celebrity couples are often well-known, with many being spotted together on dates or walking the red carpet together. Kim Basinger and Prince remained very private during their 1989 romance. 

Basinger Moved to Minneapolis To Be with Prince in 1989

Basinger and Prince, like many stars-studded couples met at work. Both were part of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman; Basinger starred as Bruce Wayne’s love interest, Vicki Vale, while Prince created the now-iconic soundtrack. 

The couple were so in love, Basinger even moved to the pop star’s native Minneapolis to be with him. Basinger’s family was reportedly not pleased about the pair’s whirlwind romance and even showed up in Minneapolis to take the actress home. Basinger still fondly remembers the time she spent with Prince. 

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“He’s a brilliant talent,” The actress said it. The Daily BeastIn 2015. “There’s no doubt about that. I don’t really have boundaries, so I enjoyed that time of my life. It was a really special moment in time, and I have great memories. I don’t put a lot of restrictions on myself, let’s just put it that way. If there’s someone I connect with, we’ll go on these rides together. So that was a neat time in my life.”

Prince and Basinger were so close that they even collaborated on music. They made an album that was never released called “The Couple”. Hollywood Affair. Although the songs from this album are not yet public, Prince allegedly released another song that features Basinger. 

They reportedly recorded an intimate single

“Scandalous Sex Suite” is one of Prince’s steamier tracks, featuring suggestive language and sensual noises that some claim are real-life recordingings of the couple getting intimate. 1989 Lawrence Journal-World article quotes Jill Willis, Prince’s publicist, as saying the song is a “lover’s dialogue.”

“It’s not the language itself, but more the suggestiveness of the language … that may make it sort of scandalous,” She continued. Willis also mentioned that Paisley Park Records vice president Alan Leeds visited the singer’s home studio while they were recording—but got uncomfortable and left when Prince opened a jar of honey. 

“I think the fact that he felt uncomfortable enough to leave the studio tells you something,”She laughed. “I don’t think they were making tea.”Prince and Basinger were clearly very close. However, their romance ended. 

Basinger had been in a relationship with Alec Baldwin by 1990. She would later marry him in 1993. The couple had a child, but split in 2001. Prince was later to be with many other women, including Ananda Lewis and Carmen Electra. In 1996, Prince married Mayte Garcia, back-up dancer. The couple divorced three years later. Basinger and Prince’s relationship might not have lasted very long, but the couple were clearly very close, living and working together until their split. 

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