INSP Made a Major Reorganization


Independent cable network INSPThis week, the network announced a major overhaul. The new logo features a cowboy hat as its top and a new slogan. The new branding better represents the network’s schedule which is heavily dominated by Western-related movies and TV shows. On Tuesday, the change took effect.

INSP’s new tagline: “Heroes Live Here.”Dale Ardizzone was the Chief Operating Officer at INSP. “high time”This was the second time in 11 years that the network had rebranded itself. Hayes Tauber (INSP’s EVP for marketing) and his marketing team designed the new logo. Paula Scher.

“Over the last decade, the network has experienced explosive rating growth and attracted loyal viewership, particularly from viewers who deeply embrace Western content,”Ardizzone stated in a statement. “We needed a logo that made a statement, with one glance, about the current look and feel of our programming. Something bold, with quiet confidence. An icon that says, ‘This is INSP.'”

Tauber stated that Scher was the driving force behind the rebranding idea. “Her conceptualization and guidance were invaluable. The cowboy hat is an enduring symbol,” Tauber explained. “It’s an important and revered icon in American culture, both past, and present. The textured hat represents salt-of-the-earth people with heart and soul, who have put in a hard day’s work. We’ve got some dirt under our fingernails, and our weathered hat reflects that. The hat is positioned on the text with a swagger, quietly communicating that we are a network to be reckoned with! I’m very proud of the finished product, and the message it conveys.”

INSP was established in 1978 as the first PTL Television Network. It was started by Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker, televangelists. It was renamed the Inspiration Network in 1990 after Bakker quit. The network was rebranded as INSP two decades later. Ardizzone said that the network is still rebranding. VarietyThe name was not to be changed to reflect the new direction of its programming. He believes that the new logo, tagline and slogan can achieve the above. “heavy lifting.”

“It’s intentional that it sits over the name and that it sort of rests like it’s on a fence post on the first two letters,” Ardizzone told Variety. “For those who know the content and the network, it obviously makes complete sense. And those who wonder why we have a Western on, it tells the story almost immediately. That was part of the goal.”

INSP’s programming consists mainly of Western content. However, the network is based in South Carolina and does produce. Ultimate Cowboy ShowdownThe reality series ‘The Real Trace Adkins Show’ is hosted by Trace Adkins. Wild West Chronicles. The network is currently available in 62,000,000 households.