International Pop Star as Newest Superhero Enters Marvel Cinematic Universe


Bad Bunny, a singer and rapper, has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Sony Pictures’ expanding stream of obscure Spider-Man spinoffs. Sony has announced that Bad Bunny will portray El Muerto, a super-powered wrestler in a standalone movie. The studio did not give any details about the plot of the movie.

Sony announced El MuertoAccording to a report by, Cinemacon was held this weekend Deadline. While Sony provided details, Bad Bunny appeared to surprise fans. Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez is his role as the inheritor to El Muerto’s secret abilities. He will play Juan-Carlos Estrada Sanchez, who is the inheritor of the secret powers of El Muerto. He is allowed to have the strength and courage to make the mantle his, and he does so for ten years.

This is a huge project for Marvel Studios and Sony. El Muerto will be Latino’s first superhero to make it to the big-screen. He joins the growing list of obscure characters that Sony has. Spider-ManThe two are spinoffs Venom Movies and the month’s most controversial Morbius movie. Sony has plans for a Madame WebMovie and a Kraven the Hunter movie.

This project is also greatly aided by Bad Bunny’s rapid rise to fame. He has broken records in the music business over the past few years and won a Latin Grammy. He will be making his film debut in July with the action movie Bullet TrainSo it is understandable that Sony was keen to lock him in for a bigger franchise.

Fans of the comic book source material are still making jokes about this pick via social media. El Muerto First introduced in 2006Sony’s other brands are not as well-known or have the same history as their offshoots. Comics state that each time El Muerto’s mask or powers are handed to a new generation, the wielder must engage in ritual wrestling matches with El Dorado. El Dorado tried killing Juan Carlos after he refused to give up. Juan Carlos was saved by his father, who gave him a 10-year reprieve in order to be stronger.

Juan-Carlos travels the globe looking for strength and eventually ends up in New York City, challenging Spider-Man at a wrestling match. Spider-Man is surprised to find that El Muerto is able to surprise him and take him off guard. Spider-Man accidentally paralyzed El Muerto by using a stinger to his suit. El Dorado returned for their late challenge. Spider-Man was paralysed by El Muerto’s stinger in his suit, and El Dorado returned for their belated challenge.

We don’t know how the story will be adapted into a movie without Spider-Man. It is also unclear when it will be released. El MuertoWe will either see it in production or maybe even get to experience it. Fans of Marvel Comics, Bad Bunny and other comics are thrilled.