International Replaces Series Lead in Season 2


FBI International will return in the fall with a new series lead following star Christiane Paul’s departure at the end of Season 1. TVLineMegan reported that “Smitty”Garretson and Eva-Jane Willis portray street-smart Europol agents embedded with The Fly Team, who communicate with each host country they work in.

The Season 1 finale was the last. “Crestfallen,”Smitty will play the role of Paul’s character Katrin Jaeger. She will still be enjoying her promotion to Europol’s head for Western Europe off-camera. In an exclusive interview with The ListLuke Kleintank, series star and actor of the CBS series, spoke out about the close relationships he formed with the other actors while working on the CBS show.

This is why FBI The spinoff is set overseas. Most of the filming takes place in Budapest, Hungary. Actors had to relocate in order to shoot on location. “It felt like it was a huge decision for everybody to take their lives and move it all the way to Budapest and start in a new place [where] actually none of us had ever been. It felt like a huge choice and a risk,” Kleintank said.

According to the actor, the cast relied heavily on each other because they were far from their homes and friends. “We are out together. We’re having drinks. We’re going, we’re singing karaoke. We’re at each other’s houses. We depend on it. We actually depend on each other, which is rare,”He said. DeadlineThere are reports that Paul might return to the show as a guest star, but there aren’t any plans. Willis also has credits on HBO’s Gangs of London; ITV’s Maigret Makes a TrapRaging Grace for AMC Entertainment; and Uncle for BBC. 

All three of CBS’s contracts were renewed by CBS FBISeries, including FBI InternationalFor two more seasons in May, The spinoff is a new television series that was roughly tied. GhostsAnd NCIS: Hawai’i For the highest number of viewers in its inaugural season.

“The FBIs are one of the most successful brands in the entire TV landscape and a powerful cornerstone of our No. 1 lineup,”Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. “They’ve attracted a dedicated, loyal fan base, thanks to the extraordinary vision of executive producer Dick Wolf and the talents of all three outstanding casts and creative teams. I know we and our viewers look forward to two additional seasons of engaging, heroic stories.” FBI: International’s second season premieres September 20 on CBS at 9 pm ET/PT.