Interview with Prince Harry: Michael Strahan’s replacement for ‘Good Morning America”


Michael Strahan is taking an unplanned break Good Morning America. According to Hello Magazine,His replacement already fits right in with Robin Roberts on the daytime show and George Stephanopoulos at night. This is a major change. GMAStrahan interviewed Prince Harry shortly before naming the new line-up. SpareIt was released on Tuesday.

Strahan steps away GMACecilia Vega will replace him on the morning show. Vega is not the first person to appear on the morning show. She often fills in for the main anchors when they are away. Hello MagazineShe is often seen as ABC’s Chief White House correspondent. Tuesday’s episode featured Vega. GMAAlongside Roberts and Stephanopoulos. Strahan is not yet certain when he will be back. GMALikewise, it is unclear if Vega will replace him throughout the entire period. 

Strahan took a step back GMAOne day after Harry’s interview aired. The relationship between the prince and his older brother Prince William was the focus of the former football player. Harry called him his “his.” “beloved”Siblings “arch-nemesis.”He asked Harry his late mother, Princess Diana about their relationship and he answered, I think she would be sad, I think she would be looking at it long term to know that there are certain things we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship.”

“I think she would be heartbroken that it’s ended up where it’s ended up, I think she’d be heartbroken about the fact that William, his office, were part of these stories,”Harry continued. “Me and William made a pact that we would never let our offices fight against each other.”He said that. “The people he [William] employed broke that pact.”Although the brother relationship is not in a good place, Harry said that he hopes for some sort of reconciliation. “reconciliation”With him in the future, adding it would have been a “ripple effect across the world.”Strahan was not the only American journalist to have a chat with Harry about his explosive autobiography. Anderson Cooper also met with the Duke of Sussex for a chat, which aired on 60 minutesSunday. Both interviews were broadcast in advance SpareThe official release date for’s is Tuesday. 

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