Investigating the Gossip on Chris Evans’ Private Feud with Ryan Gosling ‘The Gray Man’


Are you Chris Evans Ryan Gosling hiding a secret feud? A new report claims that there was a secret feud behind the scenes. The Gray Man. Here’s what we know about the rumors of tension.

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans ‘Butting Heads’?

Per Neue Idea, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans didn’t get along while filming the new Netflix movie The Gray Man. As the article explains, Evans and Gosling may have been polite for the cameras as they walked the red carpet for the premiere, but it was clear that they weren’t besties. “They were cordial to each other, but that’s not what you want in your two leads,”An insider’s view. “Chris and Ryan just don’t click—they barely shared more than a few words to each other during filming.”

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According to sources, Gosling may have taken shots at his costar during the press tour. Recently, a reporter asked The Notebook actor if he stood by his character’s insults towards Evans’ facial hair in the film, Gosling didn’t budge. “Those were my real thoughts,” Gosling admitted, referring to his character calling Evans’ mustache a “trash ‘stache.”

Ryan Gosling & Chris Evans ‘Just Don’t Click’?

Contrary to what the magazine would have readers believe, there’s a big difference between being acquaintances and being enemies. Sure, we’ll admit that Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans haven’t made headlines with their off-screen friendship, but they also haven’t given us any reason to believe they don’t like each other. There’s no rule saying that the two leads of a film have to be friends outside of work.

As for Gosling’s perceived slight against Evans, we see things a bit differently. Gosling made a joke at the expense of Evans’ character’s facial hair. According to The CutEvans The mustache was chosen for its comedy valueIt delivered. It was so funny, Netflix even sold a stick on replica.

And when Gosling said he stood by his character’s “trash stache” comment, He did this with a big smile. The joke was woven throughout the film, its fans, and, unsurprisingly, the cast’s sense of humor as well. So, no, we don’t believe Gosling meant any offense, and we seriously doubt Evans took any. From what we can tell, the actors got along just fine, and there’s no need for them to be besties to do their job well.

More Feuds from The Tabloid

Of course, we’ve covered many of Neue Idea‘s feuds here. Last year, the outlet reported Eva Mendes was clashing with Sandra Bullock. Then the magazine claimed Drew Barrymore secretly hated Winona Ryder. And finally, the publication alleged Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc couldn’We can’t stand each others. Given its past misses, we’re immediately skeptical when Neue Idea Reports on a rumored celebrity feud