Investigators are pursuing an investigation after 20 trainees were injured during the Hot Pavement Bear Crawl


Following being forced to do, injuries were treated by around 20 trainees. “bear crawls”A hot investigation has erupted at the Massachusetts State Police Academy. According to WCVB, local outlet

Dave Procopio, Massachusetts State Police spokesperson, and Col. Christopher Mason Message your local WWLP outletHe became aware of two instances in which trainees were required do bear crawls. 

According to WCVB officials stated that bear crawls weren’t allowed as part of the training curriculum.

“The exercise resulted in blisters to some trainee’s hands, which were treated by the Academy Medical Unit. The Colonel immediately initiated an investigation of the unauthorized training and further increased oversight of training operations,”Procopio made the statement in a statement. 

According to the outlet the department fired the two academy drill instructors that supervised the exercises, and sent them back to their regular duties elsewhere in the department.

Additionally, the academy commandant and executive officer responsible for oversight of the academy’s day-to-day operations were also removed.

Governor Chris Baker told the outlet, “This story, as it plays out, as I understand it, is clearly not consistent with the way the colonel organized and has operated the training academy since he became colonel, so, I’m glad it’s under investigation, and I have full faith that he will do the right thing with regards to what should happen here.”