Iowa Shooting Incident: Korn Tour Bus involved in Shooting Incident


After a Friday tour stop in Iowa, Korn found himself in a somewhat frightening situation. According to TMZThe band’s tour bus was attacked by someone who opened fire and managed to land at least one bullet. Davenport Police said that the shooting took place before Friday night’s concert and was outside a Davenport, IA hotel. No one was hurt.

TMZ reports that the band and crew weren’t on the bus at the time of the incident. This is a blessing considering how one bullet pierced the bus, which was then discovered inside. This is the last stop on Korn’s U.S. tour.

CBS17Reporting on the shooting is available here “approximately 7:42 a.m.”Since then, authorities have been investigating the matter. Korn and Chevelle, the supporting act, were both present at the hotel and used the same bus lines. Chevelle, however, seemed to be happy and shared their celebration on their Instagram.

“Back in our home state tonight at the [TaxSlayer Center] in Moline, IL with our friends from [Korn] and [Code Orange],”The lyrics were written by the band along with a video of them practicing. Other information is not available at the moment.

Jonathan Davis, the Korn frontman, did manage to make time for a visit. Abernathy’s, a local shop located in Davenport. On Facebook, the business posted about Davis’ visit to their company and his special purpose. “Big thanks to Jonathan Davis of Korn who visited the shop and scored this amazing piece from Isabel Doom!”According to the post on Abernathy’s Facebook page. “This moment put my chill level to the absolute test when your inner metal head child is screaming with glee but you still have a business to run.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt and the shooting did not appear to have been targeted at the band. Due to the history and violence of music and metal, any shooting is always a shock. One prime example is The death of Dimebag Darrell from PanteraAfter a fan managed get onto the stage during a show, the guitarist and another member from Damage Plan were both killed. The deaths of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and other rap artists during the heights of east-west rap rivalry are not to be forgotten.