Iowa Tornado: Mother Loss of Family Talks About Moving Forward


“The mother who lost four members of her family to a tornado in Iowa spoke to us after she was devastated.Good Morning America” about pushing to move forward after loss.

Four of the seven people killed in devastating storms that tore through central Iowa were members of the same family who were gathered at the grandparents house, and authorities said that the home did not have a basement and they were huddled together in a pantry while the tornado wreaked havoc, According to ABC News.

According to the National Weather Service, it was rated EF-4 with peak winds at 170 mph. According to the outlet, these storms were deemed the most deadly in Iowa since 2008. 

Kuri Bolger, her husband, Michael, 37, and their children — Brysen, 8, Kinlee, 5, and Owen, 2, were visiting her parents in Winterset when the tornado ripped through central Iowa.

Bolger stated that she was grateful for the memories and time spent with her family before the tragedy.

“We took the time to go on a family bike ride or go on a hike in the woods and just explore…I also have a lot of pictures and videos, which I’m thankful for,” she told the outlet.

“My mom used to always keep her phone out. I was like, “Mom, put it down.” We are just hanging out. But now I have all those memories, things we can look back at.”

The service claims that the tornado was almost 70 miles long, making it the longest tornado path since a 1984 tornado, which left a path of 117 m.

Of the immediate Bolger family, only Kuri and her son Brysen survived, alongside the grandfather and an uncle — all suffering injuries, with Bolger in need of multiple surgeries.

After spending a week in hospital, the mother was referred to a friend who set up a GoFundMeShe will be there for her throughout this difficult time.

Bolger spoke of Brysen, her son. “Good Morning America,” “Thank God he made it through and everybody was able to save him because, at this point, he’s my rock.”

Two others killed in the tornado — Rodney Clark, 64, and Cecilia Lloyd, 72 — lived in homes just down the street from the home that Bolger’s family was in. 

“It’s going be hard some days, but it’s also going to be a lot easier others.” she said to GMA, saying that no matter what, it’s important to remember “You just need to keep going.