iPhone Alerts 911: Nebraska Car Crash That Killed Six Young People


A feature on iPhone alerted first responders about a terrible car accident in Nebraska. Six young people were killed when their vehicle crashed into a tree.

Police in Lincoln reported that five men were killed by a Honda Accord on Sunday morning at around 2:15 a.m. A 24-year old woman died later after she was taken in critical condition to a nearby medical facility.

The driver, aged 22 years old, was among the dead on the spot. Two other victims were also killed: two 22-year-olds and a 23-year old driver.

Lincoln police confirmed that the cause of this fatal collision is being investigated. Authorities said that an iPhone belonging to one victim sent an alert to 911 after the collision.

If the owner does not respond, the feature will detect a crash and send a signal to 911. 

“This is the worst crash in Lincoln in recent memory,” said Lincoln Police Assistant Chief Michon Morrow. “We’ve been trying to think of another accident this bad and we haven’t come up with anything.”

Investigators are searching for witnesses to this early morning collision.

“The cause of this accident is going to take us some time to pin down,”Morrow stated. “We are looking at all possibilities, including alcohol, speed or distracted driving.”

Brad Bartak had fallen asleep when his children woke him up.

“My daughter and my son came to my room and said, ‘Oh my God dad, there’s an accident, someone hit our tree,’”Bartak said WOWT-TV. “I was sound asleep.”

Bartak stated that he tried to help his neighbors and he did.

“I noticed that there was actually a fire coming from the engine. I basically grabbed the garden hose and ran it up to the car and we were dousing it,”He spoke to the station.

“The neighborhood came together for this,”He stated. “The way we reacted to it, we did the best we could, I wish we could’ve done more, but we worked with what we had.”

The Lincoln Police Department has asked anyone with additional information or video of the crash to contact the department at 402-441-6000 or Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.



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