Irish Fans Upset With Julia Roberts, George Clooney’s Recent Appearance


George Clooney and Julia Roberts are two of the most beloved movie stars in the world, but a recent interview promoting their new film has some fans seething. So, why did Irish fans slam Clooney and Roberts for their “sloppy” interview?

Clooney and Roberts are currently promoting their upcoming movie Ticket To Paradise. The pair plays a divorced couple who travel to Bali, hoping to stop their daughter from marrying the wrong person—the mistake both think they made 25 years earlier. 

The pair sat down with Ryan Tubridy to do an interview for RTE, Ireland’s biggest television channel. In the segment, the two talked about their love for the country, as well as if they might consider purchasing a second home there. 

“I am hoping George will get one and then I will have one,” Roberts laughed. She also gushed about how “charming” she finds the country. Clooney chimed in with his thoughts about his most recent trip to Ireland. 

“It was a couple of years ago, just before Covid,” the actor explained. “I was going there with my father to see some old relatives. There were a lot of Clooneys, yeah it was pretty fun actually. It was really great.”

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He continued, “It’s a funny thing where you go to meet people who you are related to who you have never met before…so many look like my uncle George…just really interesting things when you can see your family.” 

Fans Slam The Pair For Pre-Recorded Interview: ‘We Get The Sloppy Seconds’

Clooney and Roberts are obviously big fans of Ireland, but after the interview aired, many people blasted the pair for their appearance on the show. Viewers had no issue with the comments made during the interview; instead, they were angry the actors did a pre-taped interview instead of a live one. 

“Anyone else feel cheated that #GeorgeClooney #JuliaRoberts interview was pre recorded,” one person asked. Another tweeted, “We get the sloppy seconds after Hollywood does UK interviews.” Another fan took issue with what they viewed as a lackluster interview, writing, “I hope the movie is better than that interview…”

While some of the pair’s Irish fans might be displeased by this latest round of press, others around the world are excited to see Roberts and Clooney reunite on screen—and for Roberts, who some call the queen of romantic comedies, to return to the genre. 

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