Is canned food still okay to eat if purchased at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown?


Two years ago, America was in lockdown. COVID-19 began to spread across the country. 

This was the time of food shortages and stocking up. You might still have some of the food you bought two decades ago. But is it still good enough to eat? 

Kimmy Hughes is a blogger “She’s In Her Apron”She has made a name for her stockpiling food. She has a pantry filled with cans of soups, canned meat and vegetables — enough to feed her family for an entire year. 

Inside Edition sent two cans of her cranberry sauce, one that expires in 2023 and one that expired in May of 2020, from Hughes’ stockpile to a laboratory for testing to see if they were still good to eat.

“We found that the contents of the older cans were perfectly fine. They were suitable for consumption,”Inside Edition spoke with Donald Zink (president of regulatory compliance and food at IEH Laboratories). 

Things should be stored correctly for three to five years after the stamped date. This is important because Americans throw away about 25% of their food every year.

“When it comes to a canned good, as long as that can has been stored at the proper temperature in a nice cool, dry place and it’s not damaged, that can can last past its expiration date,” said Peter DeLucia, assistant health commissioner for Westchester County.