Is Holly Willoughby a senior on This Morning? ‘Age defying’Dancing on Ice fans are stunned by star performances


Holly Willoughby is a national treasure. Despite her youthful appearance, she seems to be hosting national television for a long time. However, fans were shocked to discover how old she is.

Holly Willoughby is an iconic name. Her morning presentation is a comforting presence for many.

Today, she is well-known for her regular appearances with Phillip Schofield on This Morning.

Holly also hosts the morning show and is a presenter on Dancing On Ice. She often appears with Phillip, her best friend.

They will guide viewers through another season of the hit show in very near future. The skaters are scheduled to return to the rink for the 14th series on January 16, 2022.

Are Phillip Schofield’s and Holly Willoughby actually friends on This Morning?

Given their long-standing relationship and how much they have worked together, it’s no surprise that Holly Willoughby is so close to Phillip Schofield.

The couple have just signed a new deal for Two More Years on This Morning, in addition to hosting Dancing on Ice.

Holly shared her feelings about her relationship with him with The Sun: “There’s a real ease when we work together”.

She continued: “It’s not like we have to find our feet or find our rhythm, that’s an absolute given.

“It’s great to do something a little different, but still be together.

Phil also spoke highly of his co-presenter. He stated: “The lovely thing is getting to spend even more time with my best mate.

“Holly is the best.

“It’s a shiny, glitzy, beautiful, wonderfully produced and gorgeous looking show. People may not even watch us in the mornings, but come to us on this one to watch Dancing on Ice.”

Holly Willoughby earns how much for Dancing On Ice

The 2021 Census will show that the Silver Screen Beat reported that Both Holly and Phil get paid a whopping £200,000 per season of Dancing on Ice.

She assumed the role for the first time in 2006. She continued until Christine Lampard replaced her in 2011.

In 2018, she reprised the role.

Holly Willoughby is how many years old?

Holly Willoughby, although she doesn’t seem to age at all, is currently 40 years old.

Willoughby is known for her playful relationship and fun-loving nature with Phil. She was recently in the news after she made a controversial appearance on January 13. hilarious blunderYou can watch it live on the air.

This Morning was interrupted by the woman who sent a quick text to confirm that she had been attending to personal business.

However, as she tried to push the send button quickly, it seemed that something had gone wrong. She looked a bit stunned when the camera returned to face.

She said: “Well to the person I have just sent a text message to very quickly in the break where I was about to say ‘I need a new one, and sent it and thought I’ve just got away with that with five seconds to spare…

“I looked at it, and “one” has been replaced by “bra”, and it said “I need a new bra.””

She then added: “I don’t require a new bra. I just need one. “I deeply regret.”

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